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Truck COI and Heavy Vehicle Registration Assessment Scheme (HVRAS)

Price starting at $128.35 in workshop
Over 16t $160.55 in workshop
Mobile Prices COI $200.00 up to 16t
Mobile COI $250.00 over 16t unregistered
HVRAS $120.00

Heavy Vehicle Registration Assessment Scheme (HVRAS)

Are needed for all unregistered Trucks, Trailers over 750kg, Caravans and Motor homes. We provide this service in our quick and easy we come to you style.


Truck Certificate of Inspection (COI)

Book with A1Roadworthys with a mobile COI service to keep your big wheels turning.

A1Roadworthys have fully qualified and certified Inspectors for all Trucks

  • Over 4.5 tonne up to and including 16 tonne

  • Over 16 tonne unregistered

A1Roadworthys is the place to call when you are due or have and unregistered truck for your yearly COI. Our inspectors will come to you so no need to drive your big rig all over the place. We have great mobile COI rates that are unbeatable, you get the guarantee of our certified Inspectors. We know how time consuming it can be running around collecting paper work for your truck so A1Roadworthys makes it easier with us coming to your work place, our Inspectors will take just 45-50 minutes for the safety inspection on your truck. No need to waste your valued work time here at A1Roadworthys we have you covered.

When your truck is over 4.5 tonne it is by law that you are required to obtain a certificate of inspection (COI) yearly. This is to insure your truck is applies to the safety standard of Queensland Transport.

If your Truck currently has a yearly COI and you are selling, the COI is valid for the sale it is valid for the whole year. You are required to obtain a COI when your registration is up for renewal or if the truck is unregistered.

If you have multiple trucks at the same time of a safety certificate inspection A1Roadworthys will provide you a discount.

The Safety Inspection of your truck covers:

  • Identification

  • Seats and Restraints

  • Windscreen and Windows

  • Steering and Suspension

  • Brakes

  • Exhaust Emission

  • Hand Brake Test

  • Modification

  • Lights and Electrical Components

  • Body and Chassis

  • Wheels and Tyres

  • Engine and Drive Line

  • Service Brake Test

  • Road Test

At A1Roadworthys we can also sign off any defects once they have been fixed and apply to the Code of Practice.

If the vehicle complies with Queensland Transport and Code of Practice standards the Safety Certificate/ Roadworthy will be issued on the spot by the Inspector.


Failed Inspection

If your Truck fails the Safety Certificate/ COI inspection then you have 14 days from the date of inspection, to rectify the defects. Once the defects have been fixed within the 14 days call us and we will come and complete a second inspection. The Safety Certificate/ COI will be issued as long as all defects have been fixed and apply to the Code of Practice.

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